Basho and Jung

A Haiku a week. Mined from my dreams.

Month: November, 2013

11.30.13 dream haiku – R Rated Saturday

There she is, naked.
Just need to scale this fence and
get past the wolves.

11.29.13 dream haiku

We’d love to see you.
But the only time we’re free
is 2:00 am.

Gobbles and Zzzs

Here are five of my favorite dream haiku from over the last several months. I’m offering them up to you again in celebration of Thanksgiving and to express gratitude for reading my weird, little poems each day. I’m also posting them to participate in the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo! You can find out more about the challenge at:  Enjoy!

I sleep beside the
blunt white, in the gummy groove
of the hippo’s mouth.

Jogging through empty
vacation town, past all their
abandoned leisure.

Hold heavy bucket
of parasites until I
become one with it.

Pink ducklings with eyes
of M&Ms, they see me
as one of their own.

We learn Darth Vader’s
sexual appetite; this
Star Wars is horror.

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