What Won’t Leave Me Alone

by Jon Petruschke

I’m going to start doing some theme days.  Because lots of themes show up in my dreams.  Again and again.  I was blind to some of them, until I started writing these haiku.  Then the patterns revealed themselves.  Here are a few, and my speculation on why they won’t leave me alone:

Being held captive by a family of cannibals bent on feasting on me, being endlessly pursued by serial killers, battling hordes of zombies, and struggling to survive in some post-apocalyptic world.  Probably makes for a restful night of sleep, huh?  The mornings after these dreams, my wife tells me about all the whimpering, and paddling of arms and legs, I did through the night.  I’ve spent an embarrassingly large chunk of my life watching horror movies (and still do), especially ones from the 70s and 80s:

So it’s not terribly surprising that these are some of my recurrent dreams; I bombard my psyche with images of machetes drenched in red corn syrup.  A haiku spawned from these: 01.25.13.

Animals.  Lots of animals show up in my dreams.  And quite a variety.  But cats are probably the most common (I have two, Annie and Nebbie):

Cats - Annie and Nebbie

And sometimes I’m visited by strange mutants that are hybrids of two or three animals – I think that’s from reading Oryx and Crake, and my dreaming mind having difficulty deciding exactly what animal it’s conjuring.  Also, I’m an ISFJ, one of the Myers-Briggs personality types that’s known for an affinity for animals. Here are some dream haiku where animals wander in 02.06.13   02.11.13  02.12.13  02.15.13  02.26.13  02.27.13  03.04.13.

Nostalgia.  It’s one of the strongest emotions I experience in my dreams.  It oftentimes shows up in dreams where I’m hanging out with people I went to high school and college with — also with my still being a child in my dreams, and in places from my childhood.  Some dream haiku that felt that way are 02.03.13  02.19.13  03.03.13.

I’m going to begin doing three theme days every week:

Manimal Monday – haiku containing animals, of course.

What the hell?!  Wednesday
– the haiku that are really, really bizarre.   These are the ones I read to my wife in the morning and she says ‘What the hell?!’  And I say, ‘I don’t know, it’s just what I dreamed.’

R Rated Saturday
– the haiku that are more provocative, adult, salacious, juicy.

Are there other themes you’re seeing in my haiku that I haven’t mentioned?  And other theme days you’d like to see?  I’m open to suggestions.

And I’d love to know about the themes showing up in your sleep.  What are those pesky, recurring dreams you have?